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I am so glad you are here – congratulations for being open and curious enough to explore the possibility that weight loss and health can and SHOULD be pleasurable and FUN! Before we begin, here’s a little bit of information about me and how I came to be a health coach:

My story…

After two heart attacks by the age of 50, I had no choice but to take a hard look at the way I was living life. “But I’m a vegetarian!” “But I’m spiritual!” “But everyone says I am a happy and delightful person to be around!” All the excuses and rebuttals came first.

So why am I having heart attacks?

The second heart attack was the worst. I had completed my training to be a meditation teacher and was in the middle of completing my year-long training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a program geared towards preparing me to teach others on living healthy, balanced lives. Four months previously, I had co-hosted a week-long meditation retreat. Yet, here I was, burning my heart out to the point of her second breakdown. This time, I didn’t run away from the answers that came.

I was burned out from caring for others before caring for myself.

I was not connected to what gives me pleasure in my life, and I wasn’t listening to my body when she was whispering I had made the wrong choices. I was in that space so many people are in: working too hard, not getting enough sleep, not taking breaks and vacations, and doing the things I “should” do that the world outside seemed to demand, instead of what my body and soul were aching for me to do – slow down and enjoy life. I was wrapped up in “doing,” and I was missing the “be” in human being.

I am now passionately in my body and “she” looks and feels amazing!


I’ve been able to flip my life and lifestyle up on its head and can honestly say I am a different person in every way. I learned the tools and skills needed to nourish myself on a deep level, and heal years of pain and damage from not loving my body. As soon as I tuned into pleasure, the pounds melted away (more than 30 of them) and it seemed effortless. My body literally just readjusted to where it always wanted to be…

I now work with busy, inspired, powerful people – who happen to struggle with food and body image. My clients come to me because they have been overwhelmed with the amount of misinformation and false promises available around health & nutrition. They know there’s a better way, but they don’t know where to begin.

I inspire people to hear their body’s whispers of what will bring them sustainable, healthy pleasure, and through balancing their lives they are able to come back to health and feel energized so they can share their unique passions with the world.

Why Pleasure?

I deeply believe that PLEASURE is the key to long-term health and happiness. I believe that our body does not lie, and it will reflect how happy or not happy it is with our choices. When I say pleasure, I mean TRUE pleasure – not the unconscious, instant gratification that we have come to believe as pleasure through the media, society, and lack of quality nutritional information.

Most of us have become completely unconscious to and disconnected from our body’s natural needs and desires. We live in a fast-paced, unconscious state and our bodies suffer the consequences. If you are feeling symptoms of poor health such as, fatigue, lack of energy, weight gain, digestive issues, anxiety, or general unrest; chances are your body is NOT happy.

Through our work, I help my clients relax, and tune in to their body’s natural cues and desires. I inspire people to reconnect with what their body is truly craving, and teach them how to listen for clues of what will bring their bodies the most pleasure and sustainable health. This leads to a deeper and more fulfilling sense of nourishment – mind, body, and soul.

The good news is, our body’s innate wisdom is always accessible, if we learn to listen. I work with clients who are ready for change and who need a guide and mentor to show them a different way. There is a pleasurable way to health?

How are you different from other Health Coaches?

  • Personal Experience – I have suffered the pain that my clients are suffering, and I have applied the same knowledge and tools I use with them to heal my body and my life.
  • Pleasure – I focus on pleasure, therefore you will have FUN! And you will enjoy the process, I promise. Food is one of our primary sources of nourishment, however, it is not the only one. I also teach you how to derive pleasure and nourishment from every day living.
  • Self LOVE – My approach is unique in that there will be no shame, calorie counting, deprivation, or all the other horrible things that people do thinking they need to punish themselves in order to get the body they want. I believe the opposite to be true.
  • Really Good Food – I have learned how to cook delicious foods (I’m talking really good, not just healthy good) that are easy, simple, and most of all easily digested so that your body can heal and rejuvenate. I will teach you how to do the same.
  • Personalized Approach – My programs are designed to gracefully work into your life no matter where you’re starting from. They are designed as a framework, however, every program is customized to each client’s needs and goals. We figure out together what works for YOU.

How do I get started?

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  3. Contact Me if you have any questions or need help figuring out your perfect program!

With Love,

Dominique Hackett

PS ~ What will your tombstone say when you are gone?

Here’s mine…



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