Day 10 of 40 Day Pleasure Digestion Reset

Day 10

We are in our Day 10 of our 40 Day Pleasure Reset Digestion. Congratulations! We are giving our bodies a holiday from red meats, alcohol, refined sugar and caffeine.

Notice how you are breathing today. Take breaks and breath deep into your belly filling up with air and then filling up your lungs, then letting the air out.

The fastest way to change our consciousness, our current state of mind is through our breath. Breath is the key to overcoming our fears and relaxing into the joy of our passions.

No harsh condemnations, but simply notice what is happening in your body and seek to hear the whispers of what will bring you pleasure. Pause to inhale the fragrance of a passing rose. Smile at a bird singing in a tree. These are all part of our 40 Pleasure Reset of our Digestion, because when we experience these simple pleasures, our body gets the message that we are ok, and on turns our digestion, on turns our immune system, on turns our smile!

Tomorrow starts our research into Gluten-free foods. I’m happy to say Vons and Ralphs are now carrying many gluten free items. Stay focused on eating a pound of vegetables a day and keep your proteins to eggs, fish, chicken, turkey, beans and nuts and seeds. As you let go of gluten notice that you might also be letting go of really un-needed additional carbs that we might be eating simply because we are stressed. Keep the good fats in, like avocados and cooking with coconut oil, and using olive oil in your salad dressings.

Some of my pleasure in eating grows from my exploring other things to eat than the conventional diet of donuts and pizza and pasta. I have found almond meal and cashew meal, and other grains like quinoa.

Have fun with this time! Make it about exploring more of your Pleasure.

With Love,




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