Gluten-Free Pantry Staples

Gluten-free living can be both delicious and extremely healthy for you. Most people get stuck because they’ve been shopping for the same kinds of foods for their entire lives – so it’s understandable that they might feel slightly confused, overwhelmed and scared. However, as with all change – the better prepared you are the more successful you will be.

If your pantry is stocked with yummy food – you won’t even notice you are missing out on anything. I make sure that all my clients have a stock pile of nourishing ingredients that ensure they can prepare gluten-free versions of their favorite foods that taste even better than they’re used to.

Here’s the list I begin working with for creating a gluten-free pantry for my clients:

1. Cashews – raw whole and also Cashew Meal. You can use cashews instead of flour in soups and sauces and it add protein and healthy fat.

2. Almonds – raw whole and also Almond Meal.  I show clients how to make their own almond cheese. There is so much you can do with almonds, and once again, you have protein, fiber and healthy fat.

3. Organic Masa harina – Corn flour that is not GMO. You can make tortillas and use them for anything from Mexican pizzas to breakfast tacos.

4. Buckwheat – it’s not wheat and it does not contain any gluten. Cook up and eat as a cereal, or grind as a flour.

5. Brown Rice – I teach people to soak it at night and cook it up like pasta.

6. Millet – Old fashioned “grain” is actually a seed. Lots of uses, including cooking up and eating as a cereal, and grinding and using in place of flour.

7. Quinoa  – I love this “grain” which is also a seed. Very easy to cook with.

8. Brown Rice Pasta – there is actually quite a variety now of various pastas that I have clients experiment with to see what they enjoy best.

9. Nori Sheets – Edible seaweed. These sheets can be used in place of a tortilla for a sandwich wrap. I like to drop them in soups for extra nutrients and sometimes simple eat them instead of chips.

10. All Purpose Gluten-Free Flour – Do you know we have our own Santa Barbara Gluten-Free Flour available to us? Love using this flour in many recipies and you can’t tell you’ve just baked something that tastes good And is easier on our digestion .

With Love,

Dominique Hackett

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