The Pleasure Promise… The Heart Asks For Pleasure First!

Dear Friends,

I am finishing writing my book this weekend, the one that I have promised so many people, under this 2014 Scorpio Full Moon, manifesting my passion of teaching healthy living through meditation, pleasurable cooking and mindful eating, and incorporating an ecology of conscious motion into our everyday life.

I believe we attract more of what we are feeling.

My heart has asked me, twice taking me to death’s door, to please follow my passion rather than accept the stress of maintaining a life that seems secure because it uses my talents and I get well paid, but lacks the life affirming nectar of making a difference in the world.

I am here to inspire innovative passionate people to better self care so we all have the energy and health to manifest our passions in the world. A healthy you helps create a healthy planet and I believe we can manifest 2020 as A Year Without War.

Nothing Changes Until Old Patterns Are Broken.


Having lived in Santa Barbara for a number of decades now, raised five children into adulthood, as I write my book, I am also finding other amazing souls out in the world, working to get healthy advice out to the public.

I have a passion for teaching how to cook and eat Gluten-Free, as personally I feel better staying away from gluten. The facts are when our digestion is not good our health is not good.

I want to acknowledge some really fun blogs I’ve come across recently with post about being Gluten-Free in Santa Barbara.

Hope you enjoy! And please contact me for in-your-home lessons on cooking Gluten-Free!

April Peveteaux , website Gluten Is My Bitch has a wonderful blog post on Gluten-Free in Santa Barbara.

Gluten-Free SB , wonderful website where I found that the Napoleon’s Macarons I enjoyed in Paris are here in Paseo Nuevo and Gluten-Free!!!

Elisabeth Donati, at Santa Barbara Gluten-Free, makes the delicious flour that the Biltmore using to make all their gluten-free recipes. Her website has wonderful recipes!

I’ve gotten many ideas for my own recipe creations from Betty Crocker’s Gluten-Free website.

I have a number of Gluten-Free facebook links as well. It’s wonderful when we all share recipes and restaurants!

With Love,


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