Tower Gardens – A Solution to Santa Barbara’s Water Shortage

Dear Friends,

We have a serious water shortage going on right now.

To conserve water,  I am not planting any gardens this year, but instead I am doing my Tower Gardens again.

TowerGarden.2013-05-16 13.19.22_1024 TowerGarden.2013-05-16 13.18.22_1024


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The Tower Garden®

Aeroponic Closed-System
Vertical: Smaller Footprint
Super Easy: No Soil: No Weeding!
Control your food production
The Ultimate in “Going Locavore”
Developed at Epcot Center
Commercial & Home Use
Efficient: far less water, fewer pesticides and herbicides, no run off: greener planet

Socially Responsible
“Inspiring Healthy Living Around the World”

Here’s my current tower gardens that I have put up in my good friend’s back yard. I’m enjoying basil, various lettuces, parsley, sage, oregano, mint, cilantro, chamomile, swiss chard and sorrel.

2014-05-16 18.50.07

With Love,

Dominique Hackett

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